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Permit Application

ALI  can assist you in collecting the data required to apply for your permits. ALI also has internal and external professionals to successfully guide you through the application process. 

Soil Analysis

ALI can complete all your soil analyses. Contractors and developers rely on testing to determine what is in the soil prior to and at the completion of construction. Farmers need to know what is in the soil and what can be done to improve the quality. Oilfield and pipeline firms require corrosion and leaking tests to assist in maintenance. ALI can provide testing and consulting in all areas to save you time, money and costly mistakes. 

DEQ Permit Management

ALI can manage your DEQ permit. We track the required testing frequency, conduct sampling, perform tests, and provide you with the required results. ALI can also assist you with your Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR).

Having ALI manage your permit sampling, testing, and reporting allows you to manage your business.

Water Quality

ALI can assist you in all your water quality needs. From discharge and water run off to potable water and the water collected in your ditch, ALI can sample, analyze, and suggest actions to improve the quality. 

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