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Our Vision


Analysis Laboratories is your hometown laboratory providing personalized service to meet your testing needs. Whether you are curious about your water or soil or need to comply with a regulation, you can be assured ALI will deliver a quality, professional result with the utmost process integrity. 


Our Team


Analysis Laboratories is staffed by a TEAM of professionals who hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in Chemistry, Biology, MicroBiology, and Business. We care about our clients, the work we do and producing the highest quality service for our customers. Our experts bring a high level of expertise to you. 

Our Certifications

LELAP Certification


Scope of Certification


Our History


ALI was established in 1964 by a group of scientists with a passion and desire to provide environmental testing services to southern Louisiana. The last of the original founders retired in 2015 after actively participating in the business for 51 years. We are building upon this grand tradition of excellent, dedicated, personalized service with our knowledge of current technology, trends, and business practices. ALI is well positioned for the future. 

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